Lateral Bending

Synergy Cervical Disc



Next generation innovations such as a unique and patented core geometry with built-in lordosis, safety stops at the extents of motion, dynamic centers of rotation, and stability zone technology provide significant benefits over existing disc replacement devices and are ideal for the stability needed for multi-level procedures.  Unlike a ball and socket and other total disc replacement devices, the unique geometry of the Synergy Disc enables it to have mobile, dynamic, patient-derived physiologic centers of rotation (COR) in all motion planes: flexion-extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation.

The streamlined instrumentation set and straightforward surgical technique allow for predictable and reliable insertion and results. 

The Synergy Disc utilizes conventional materials with a long clinical history in orthopedic procedures:  Titanium and Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE).


The Synergy Disc is the first artificial disc that has been designed to restore physiological motion and correct sagittal balance.


The Synergy Disc enables a 2mm range of motion for Anterior-Posterior Translation with Titanium on Polyethylene motion stops at the extents of motion.  



The Synergy Disc enables a +/-12˚ range of motion for lateral bending

The Synergy Disc enables a +/-12˚ range of motion for axial rotation

The Synergy Disc enables a 22˚ range of motion for flexion-extension