Synergy-Disc: Bringing Balance to Motion Preservation

Synergy-Disc is the first and only artificial disc that unifies the needs for sagittal balance and motion into an alignment correcting next generation cervical disc. The Synergy-Disc’s unique alignment features allows it to be used in patients that do not have a normal alignment. This unique ability makes Synergy-Disc the only viable alternative to fusion in patients with pre-operative alignment problems. The Synergy Disc has pioneered the concept of Balance Control Arthroplasty.

Restore Motion, Balance, and Well Being

Synergy-Disc is available in 12 different configurations to insure patient derived device selection. In conjunction with traditional diameter and height offerings, Synergy-Disc has been designed to include a 6 degree lordotic angle. This angle can be used to correct pre-operative deformities and prevent post-operative complications.


Unlike traditional ball and socket cervical disc replacements, the Synergy-Disc has been designed to provide four controlled methods of movement:

  • Flexion and Extension
  • Lateral Bending
  • Axial Rotation
  • Pure Translation
The separation of movement allows the Synergy-Disc to better mimic the natural motion of a cervical disc.

Install with Ease


From preparation to installation, the Synergy-Disc Instrumentation set provides high levels of precision. With only 5 steps, Synergy-Disc is simple, predictable and reliable. Guides built on the instrumentation give surgeons confidence in each stage of surgery. With no requirement for keel or rail cutting in the vertebral body, bleeding is prevented, diminishing the risk for heterotopic ossification. This leaves the vertebrae in a more natural state to accept the disc replacement.

Built to last

Synergy-Disc has been designed for the very highest levels of performance. It is built using time-tested, durable and biocompatible materials in the industry. Each feature of the instrumentation set and device has been tailored to directly benefit the patient and surgeon alike. The end result is industry leading wear results, protecting the patient by more that 50% compared with wear results from first generation devices.