Restoring Balance in Motion Preservation 

Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc. (SDRI) was founded in 2005 by a like-minded group of surgeons and engineers. We strive to make the best orthopedic products by focusing on the implementation from the surgeon to the patient.

SDRI headquarters is located in Ontario, Canada with a USA office in Louisville, Colorado and currently distributes in Europe and Australia.  

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About Us

The Synergy Cervical Disc is a revolution in Cervical Disc Replacement Technology. Not only does it restore motion to the intervertebral segment, it also restores balance, an extremely critical function of the human spine. The Synergy Cervical Disc pioneers the concept of Balance Control Arthroplasty.

Devices having predictable alignment are critical to recreating the normal cervical spine alignment, whether you are doing a fusion or arthroplasty procedure for Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD).  Alignment control becomes even more important when doing multi-level procedures.